Bridgetown Hustler

Wow. Amanda and Kyle put together something special once again. An event like this needs original ideas and a whole lotta get-up-and-go. Last year’s Backyard Blam was very home-spun, while the “Hustle” was very pro, especially the first night. I think everyone involved, be it riders, audience, or sponsors got a helluva deal with this. My photojournalism was a little spotty the first night, so some imagination, and photo searching is in order for the (more) curious.

What a TREAT! Amanda handed Tony, Erik and myself the Freestylin’ Book. I got another one in my prize loot. Anyway, if you know Freestylin’ Mag, you’ll love this. Behind us is the art show, with a DJ and a bar. In front of us is the room with Gold Sprints. Outside…some wooden kickers and obstacles to dork around on to get ready for the Bunny Hop Competition.


A bad photo of the Gold Sprints. I didn’t really hang out here long, but the room was packed and there was lotsa cheering.


Outside, Gilles showed up. Dude rides 25+ year old CW bars, and has one of the coolest riding styles I’ve seen.  Let the good times roll.


Really wish I got more photos of the bunny hop competition, but hey, I was ridin’ in it!  Was anyone surprised Mr.Blacksmith won?   Goods BMX’s Shad Johnson for second and CHAZ rounding out the podium.   I was stoked with 4th. Good Times!


A small bike technology intermission.  At Tonic we are fans of integrated headsets and BB’s. Here’s something we’ve been running for about 2 years on a few bikes…press-fit BB’s for modern 2 piece cranks. Shimano, SRAM, and FSA have these and they work well, look good and are lighter than a standard euro set-up. I think I want to make this standard on our 700c stuff except the Supernaut.  That is all.


The next day the Hustle moved from a posh SE Design house to the ragged edge of NoPo gentrification. Unfortunately, a soggy pump track did want to cooperate.  No matter how many Hobo Yoga Mats we threw on the track, it just wasn’t happening.  At least Seth B got a few laps out of it.   No Problem…


….we simply pulled out The Gremlin and ran an around-the-block Time Trial.


Long Distance Relationship Kyle won this one pretty handily.  Considering the shortness of the course, and the fact that each racer had the same gearing, I’m going to have to say this race was won in the corners.


Seth B got into the action too.


Product Toss. The loot at the Hustle was pretty incredible.


After the Gremlin TT, it was time for the trick competitions.  Here’s the crowd for the Fixed Gear class.  The comp was held  in a basket ball court.


Here’s the set-up for the freewheel trick competition.


Some legit riding went down.  ‘Nuff said.


Coolest Truck in Portland?


Next, we “Hustled” over to a park for the DH slalom Comp.


For some reason, Tony rode the Gremlin.


Kyle and Amanda taped up the course with a quickness. By now, it had started raining, and flat/off camber corners on wet grass made for a very “dynamic” riding experience.


Amanda getting folks signed up on the back of an extra cycle.  Hustle! So impressed!


This was so FUN!  Wanna go fast?  Better be able to slide your bike  AND DUCK under branches at the same time.  Didn’t crash (amazing) and ended up second.  Probably would been 3rd if Kyle has been able to stay up right.


After that, Waffles and Beer at Kyle and Amanda’s place.

That is ALL.  Amazingly fun week-end.  Thank you Kyle and Amanda!


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