The Barnstormer

The Barnstormer is our take on a mountain bike. It’s low of top tube and bb, slack of head tube angle, and short of chain stay.  Although it owes a great deal to our dual slalom bike, the Howie R/T, the Barnstormer certainly wasn’t built with any formal competitive use in mind.

A standard geometry Barnstormer is designed around a 100mm fork with a 67 degree head tube angle and 12.5″ BB height. Chain stays are at 16″.  This creates a riding experience closest to the original intent of the Barnstormer-a dual slalom bike you can actually sit on.

However, because these are built to order, you can have one fit your particular needs.  Including 29″ wheels.  The frame construction details which make this such a happening bike with 26″ wheels play well to over coming some of the challenges 29″ wheeled bikes face.   29r problems like excessive chain stay length and too high stand over height are pretty effectively handled with on the Barnstormer.

Again, the Barnstormer will be built to order, so you can have it how you want it.

Pricing? Expect to pay $1200 built how you want it. Painted nearly any color you want.

For example, Mitchell’s bike.  Designed around a 150mm fork yet with a 67 degree HT angle and 12.5″ BB.  Even with such a tall fork, this one had amazing stand-over height.



It’s the small details which really set the Barnstormer apart.

Low Top Tube.

As much as we love low top tubes, we really don’t like the braces often seen on bike like this.

Our solution? A huge 35mm seat tube butted with a 5″ bonded-in aluminum shim which simultaneously  strengthens this area and steps down the ID of the seat tube to 30.9.   Also note-seat dropper cable routing.

Chain Stay Yoke

We’ve had years of experience with these. They work. There’s no better way of maximizing tire and chain ring clearance than with a properly designed and executed yoke. Ours is laser cut, machined then heat treated before it goes into a frame. It allows the Barnstormer to have 16″ chain stays and clear a 2.4 Conti Trail King (easy), and have loads of chain ring clearance.

Chain Stay Mounted Disc Brake.

Our signature double bend stays finally have a purpose beyond just “looking cool.”

Disc Brake clearance.

Why chainstay mounted disc brakes? Mostly so that if someone wants a single speed version, horizontal drop-outs will work without excuse. Placing the mount on the seat stay just means wheel removal will be a pain.

Why not use “slider” drop outs then? They just aren’t very “Tonic.” They are typically enormous and adding a bunch of bolts to a frame is last thing we want to do. If running a single speed with a QR wheel is a priority for you, I’d suggest an eccentric BB with vertical DO’s.

Other tasty details on this particular build:

ISCG 05 mounts for running either a legit chain guide or a legit front shifting system like Hammerschmitt.

Dropper seat post cable routing-these seatposts work too well to ignore. If you ride mountain bikes and aren’t broke or afraid of adding a pound to your bike it’s only a matter of time before you have one.



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