6 comment on “Magnum CX Cross Disc. All Grey-ed Out.”

  1. Thomas,

    Hi Guys, your crossbike looks awsome, but your fork must be heavy as hell, or not?? Its a crown for integreated, but just having 1/1,8″ steerer tube. So there must be a huge wall thickness, right?

  2. admin,

    Thomas –

    Hey thanks for the comment.

    The fork is actually no heavier than other steel forks – well under 2lbs.

    In fact, this bike was 3 pounds lighter than Mitchell’s last steel disc brake cross bike.

    The fork uses a custom aluminum steerer tube which saves weight, as well as a custom laser cut crown. It’s the same system we use on the Supernaut fork.

    We put a lot of time put into the design and development of this fork.

    The combination of our head tube and fork design creates a very clean looking, light weight and robust system.

    We need to communicate this on the website more effectively.

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