More Vanishing point / Circulus

53vpjapan One more Tonic Vanishing point finds it’s way to the inter web. This time thanks to Teisuke , this is a 53cm level T/T, Standard head tube Vanishing point with a super nice build.

PDW had a little open house of sort’s the other day. And as expected a good time was had by all. Beers were drunk, Circulus was circled, and obscenities were screamed through mega phones. danceparty1
Such a good was time was had Guys and Gals broke out in dance, in the womb of the Mother ship. The guys at PDW know how to provoke some get loose-dum.

The Mighty P funk was in attendance and did his part as event Security and maintenance man.

evilericEric of bike Beautifying fame, learned the hard way that riding kids bikes in circles can lead to Satanic possession (Fortunately,he is expected to make a full recovery) Until next time..

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