Crusher in the Tushar

Bikes are going out the Big Green door, the Sun is out in Portland and all is well.
Tonic recently had the opportunity to build a Custom frame and fork for Friend of 25+ years, former Professional road racer, shop mate and all around swell guy Todd Littlehales. Todd and his new Tonic will be heading down to Utah for the inaugural ‘Crusher in the Tushar’. A 79 mile Road + Dirt race in the Tushar mountains. The Crusher is a choose your weapon, kind of event. So after hours of grueling analysis of the course, a few 16oz. coffee’s and a couple of big peanut butter cookies we decided to go with what we can only call the MTBRD (or maybe the Magnum R/T). The tires will be large, the rear end will be short, and the brakes will work in any of the conditions the Crusher has to offer. The rest will be left up to the Mountain Gods and fate itself.cittbits
Drawings were made, Tubes were mitered and the 58 FATSO was ready for assembly.
Ready for Paint.
Too much free time, Tonic Fab, Muscle Car inspired, ‘Crusher in the Tushar’ concept art.
More Pic’s after the build.

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