Busy Bike Builder Makes For Piss Poor Blogger.
Hello All, Been a while since I have turned on the Big Computer. So I thought I would reach out and let the 3 or so people who might read this blog know whats been going on at Tonic Fab.end-of-2011-013
First off, we have a fun custom 29er Project contracted by Dan. Dan wanted a Barnstormer 29er built the way he wanted, Short as can be short C/S’s, 69 Head angle, ECBB, cable routing for a RS Reverb and room for a Ginormous back tire. end-of-2011-005
I think we nailed it.
Next up we have Dave’s Custom Barnstormer 26, Horizontal D/O’s, ISCG, and a one off 49 49 Headtube, equipped with an Angle set.

That’s all I have for computer time this Rainy Sunday. Next time I will have some pictures and info on the Magnum CX’s I have been working on as well as a few other special projects. So on that note I will leave you with this preview of the movie I watched last night.

Flame throwers, Muscle cars, Booze, Mad Max references and some Romance. Awesome!

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