"283-0001 It's the Wino's Phone Number"

While rummaging through some drawers tonight I stumbled across this card. And well it was a sad reminder that 4 years and 4 days ago tonight The Mighty Steve Casmano left this place for the Last time.



Steve wore many Hats (literally and figuratively) He was a Machinist, Musician, Rock Star, Custom Frame builder/Painter, Bike Rider, Car Guy, Father and a Friend. He had a way with words that would make your head spin. And love him or hate him there was never a dull moment when Casmano was around.


I have an old answering machine stowed away in the closet it contains 11 messages and one of them is the last I received from Steve. It’s around 3 minutes long full of curse words, and Casmano-isms, and it always puts a smile on my Face. He concluded that Message with the title of tonight’s Post.



Casmano Track Bike.

The Jackals.

The Flapjacks.

Tonight or at this point this morning, I will leave you with a Quote or 2 from Steve-

“Always park the Van in the direction of home before going in the Bar”

“Claw hammers are dangerous”

“I’m Not trying to lever ya”

Steve Casmano.

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