Tushar Crusher Take 2

The Crusher in the Tushar is soon to be upon us, and this year like last, Tonic has built an offering for the Mountain Gods.
Piloted once again by Todd Littlehales, Tonic Fab’s NW Ambassador of all things 700c. This year we opted to pull out all the stops, and design and execute a truly 1 of a kind Crusher specific Weapon.

This is the kind of project where a fella like me goes a little crazy: countless hours machining the one of a kind 44-56 Tapered Head Tube (OS doesn’t have to mean heavy), even more time whittling the aluminum bits that make up the Soft Tail. All in all I have to say I couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out.

With the opportunity to redesign and reintroduce the Tonic Fab Soft Tail this project became that much cooler. Taking the edge off of the rocky descents and aiding in traction on the steep climbs for Todd, and allowing me to showcase what this one man show called Tonic Fab can do. Win, Win.


Equipped with an Inset 2 from the fine folks at Chris King, a Carbon Cockpit from ENVE Composites, Mavic wheels, a Dura ace drive train and Paint and Graphics by Studio 112 this Crusher will certainly be “running just like a song”.

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