Crush or be Crushed

That will be the mission of this built to order Tonic Fab Crusher bike and it’s Pilot Paul LaCava, as they will be embarking upon this years Trans Iowa Race. If you are not familiar with the Trans Iowa, follow the link to their blog, it’s a good read.

Although originally dubbed the “Iowa Crusher”, after reading the aforementioned blog it was determined that no one crushes this event, they merely finish or don’t. So in the end I christened this Crusher bike the “EPIC 1” after the unique way in which Paul can tell a tail.


EPIC 1 Crusher Bike.


The Tonic soft tail.


With a little know how and a call to Shawn and Graham at Ruckus composites, Paul’s vision of 2 additional fork mounted water bottles as well as fender mounts, became a reality.


This time around I opted for the 12×142 axle standard. It lends itself nicely to the soft tail design, it is strong, very light, and allowed me the opportunity to create these proto-type drop outs that function great and require no ornamentation to catch the eye.

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