I was a Highwayman

The Highwayman was a special project for a Japanese customer who was interested in a custom Tonic Soft tail touring bike. Early on in said project it became clear that he was really into vintage Mountain bikes, so from this we determined that a one off Bontrager/Tange switchblade style fork (IE Ton-trager or Tonic “Gern” fork) would make this project real special, a fun challenge for me to design and machine, and would look truly bitchin with the Tonic Soft Tail bits out back. The eccentric BB allows for the adjustment of BB height, as well as taking on the responsibility of keeping the chain snug while in single speed mode. Removable STI and chain stay cable stop aid in keeping it clean when run Single speed and add a nice detail to the frame. The Holley carburetor inspired retro Tonic Fab logo is the Icing on the cake.






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