Since the beginning in 2003, Tonic has never wavered in it’s mission to, in the words of owner Tony Batcheller “Keep the product honest”. Keeping the product honest means being different than most other builders by having the necessary skills to make everything we need in-house. From tooling to prototyping parts to small production runs of Tonic exclusive bits. Not simply following trends and using only what is available. Tonic bends, forms, designs, machines and develops most every detail that goes into its frames. Honesty isn’t just a word at Tonic, its our mission. A mission that insures you get the finest hand-built bike possible aligned directly with your expectations.

Our bikes have raced, toured, hopped and slogged through many parts of the world. From the Trans Iowa’s 300 miles of gravel to the streets of London, racers have crushed the competition on Tonic steel. From Japan’s backroads and byways to Oregon’s legendary Outback, serious cyclists have long enjoyed the elegant design, comfort and reliability of their Tonic.



Tony Batcheller, a self described “creative misfit with a life-long fascination with 2- wheeled adventure and making stuff, started Tonic Fabrication with two friends Landon Holt and Jonathon Sieber back in 2003 as a creative outlet to do things differently then they were being done at that time . The three honed their skills while working for a large OEM frame manufacturer in Portland Or, before branching out and starting Tonic Fabrication. In the years to come Jon and Landon both left Tonic to follow different paths in life, but to this day, Tonic remains much more than just a one man show. Tonic Fabrication is actually an extended community of extraordinarily creative folks from around the world all like minded and committed to building the finest bikes possible. Leveraging the creative power of this extended community is one of Tony’s primary jobs. From brainstorming new ideas with his former business partners and friends to talking shop with mechanics throughout Portland’s thriving Local Bike Shop community, Tony sees Tonic as a true community – a collective – aligned perfectly to provide the finest bikes possible to the most important members of this collective – Tonic customers.


Vanishing Point - Road

“I’m no bike nerd. I care little for cadence, watts, lycra and epic-ness so my criteria for a frame was pretty simple; look, ride, soul. Each one as important as the other. In the Vanishing Point I found all three. Being a designer I’m drawn to the aesthetic and for me the VP has it all. Those oversized tubes. The internal headset. The flared chain stays. And that wishbone! Factor in a beautiful, four colour paint job – my “fuck the budget” moment – and you’ve one elegant brute. Not that you can accuse the VP of being all frills and no knickers. When it comes to the ride, the VP delivers in spades (and smiles). The frame feels rigid going up and planted coming down. It’s the most at one I’ve ever felt on a bike, which I guess is the beauty – and point – of a custom frame. Then there’s Tony himself. His evident pride in Tonic shines through in both the craftsmanship and finish of the frame. As it does with his customer service. Being 4,946 miles away didn’t matter one bit. He made me feel part of the process, making the whole experience an exciting and enjoyable one. When taking this all into consideration it’s clear the Vanishing Point has soul to burn. Even it’s moniker – pilfered from the cool-as-fuck 1971 counterculture classic – kicks ass. Something a mass-produced reinforced polymer pop-out can but dream of. This was a bike that I planned to grow old on so the love had to run deep. Five years on and I’m still smitten.”

Kevin Points /UK

Crusher - Softail

“The Crusher is a beast of a bike, encouraging speed over choppy ground and digging in when the climbing gets steep. It’s my go to ride for criss-crossing coastal logging roads or quick Sunday rambles, bringing a smile no matter what.”

Seth Sypko/Portland

Magnum CX - Cyclocross

“After many years of representing Tonic and a few years of racing cross on my first Magnum, I made the decision to form the Tonic Japan CX team and ordered team bikes from Tony. The frames were awesome. The 44mm HT with 1.5″ tapered fork combo were some of the first to appear in Japan. The custom team graphic on neon yellow was sensational. The bikes were light, stiff and handled incredibly. Since then, I have only changed the decals and the bike still looks and rides exceptionally well.”

Teisuke Morimoto /Osaka

Barnstormer - Mountain

“I don’t really know what to say, the Barnstormer you made me is simply amazing, I have too much fun every time I ride it, it tells me “pull up man, you got this” its like a friend that gives well meaning, but bad advice. What I mean is that it encourages me to ride way past my abilities, it wants to absolutely scream down every descent I point it down and it tells me to lean lower in every corner. I find myself pulling up off things and only then realizing in the air that I am on a hardtail, but even the harsh landing and sketchy run out doesn’t deter me from pushing my luck, I just sort of laugh and think “well that was a bad idea, but this thing rips!”

I had planned to take my new Yeti SB6 to Santa Cruz for our annual “gypsy tour” ( the gypsy tour is a mid winter migration of about six or so cat-1/pro dh idiots, it’s mostly riding trail bikes all day and drinking as much beer as you can) that bike didn’t arrive in time for the trip, and I thought “well I’ll just hang in the back of the group on my hardtail” well that didn’t happen. I was riding as fast as I could have on my full suspension bike, the rest of the guys were constantly amused and a little uneasy at how loose I was getting down some of those trails. I made it down every rock garden, every sketchy off camber and every weird jump, the only thing holding me back was my body getting tired. after that experience I have chosen the Barnstormer again and again over other mountain bikes of mine strictly because I know it is going to be the most fun, not always the smartest or safest bike but the most fun for sure.

Thanks for making such an awesome little machine it is a fucking blast to ride.”

-P Funk /Portland