Lighter than some, Heavier than others, Stronger than most. The Magnum CX was designed as a race machine free of bells and whistles to tackle the task at hand. Whether that be a grueling 7 laps on Sunday or a fair (or foul) weather race to work come Monday. The Tonic Magnum CX is a workhorse that will not let you down. Available in standard and custom sizing.

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Bike Specs


Magnum CX - Cyclocross

“After many years of representing Tonic and a few years of racing cross on my first Magnum, I made the decision to form the Tonic Japan CX team and ordered team bikes from Tony. The frames were awesome. The 44mm HT with 1.5″ tapered fork combo were some of the first to appear in Japan. The custom team graphic on neon yellow was sensational. The bikes were light, stiff and handled incredibly. Since then, I have only changed the decals and the bike still looks and rides exceptionally well.”

Teisuke Morimoto /Osaka