The Mountain bike as interpreted by Tonic Fab, low slung, lax, climbs, descends, induces smiles and high fives. Once described as a laser guided fun rocket, our offering to mountain bike gods is built around a 148 boost thru axle rear end and, DH 83 standard PF BB, Tapered Head tube and is available in standard and custom sizing.


Bike Specs

Barnstormer Bike Specs-2 - Tonic Fabrication


Barnstormer - Mountain

“I don’t really know what to say, the Barnstormer you made me is simply amazing, I have too much fun every time I ride it, it tells me “pull up man, you got this” its like a friend that gives well meaning, but bad advice. What I mean is that it encourages me to ride way past my abilities, it wants to absolutely scream down every descent I point it down and it tells me to lean lower in every corner. I find myself pulling up off things and only then realizing in the air that I am on a hardtail, but even the harsh landing and sketchy run out doesn’t deter me from pushing my luck, I just sort of laugh and think “well that was a bad idea, but this thing rips!”

I had planned to take my new Yeti SB6 to Santa Cruz for our annual “gypsy tour” ( the gypsy tour is a mid winter migration of about six or so cat-1/pro dh idiots, it’s mostly riding trail bikes all day and drinking as much beer as you can) that bike didn’t arrive in time for the trip, and I thought “well I’ll just hang in the back of the group on my hardtail” well that didn’t happen. I was riding as fast as I could have on my full suspension bike, the rest of the guys were constantly amused and a little uneasy at how loose I was getting down some of those trails. I made it down every rock garden, every sketchy off camber and every weird jump, the only thing holding me back was my body getting tired. after that experience I have chosen the Barnstormer again and again over other mountain bikes of mine strictly because I know it is going to be the most fun, not always the smartest or safest bike but the most fun for sure.

Thanks for making such an awesome little machine it is a fucking blast to ride.”

-P Funk /Portland