Tonic’s Road machine, designed to climb fast, descend faster, ride longer and be easy on the eyes. Available in standard and custom sizing. Options include: classic QR, caliper, integrated head tube or Modern thru axle, disc, tapered head tube and anything in between.

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Bike Specs


Vanishing Point - Road

“I’m no bike nerd. I care little for cadence, watts, lycra and epic-ness so my criteria for a frame was pretty simple; look, ride, soul. Each one as important as the other. In the Vanishing Point I found all three. Being a designer I’m drawn to the aesthetic and for me the VP has it all. Those oversized tubes. The internal headset. The flared chain stays. And that wishbone! Factor in a beautiful, four colour paint job – my “fuck the budget” moment – and you’ve one elegant brute. Not that you can accuse the VP of being all frills and no knickers. When it comes to the ride, the VP delivers in spades (and smiles). The frame feels rigid going up and planted coming down. It’s the most at one I’ve ever felt on a bike, which I guess is the beauty – and point – of a custom frame. Then there’s Tony himself. His evident pride in Tonic shines through in both the craftsmanship and finish of the frame. As it does with his customer service. Being 4,946 miles away didn’t matter one bit. He made me feel part of the process, making the whole experience an exciting and enjoyable one. When taking this all into consideration it’s clear the Vanishing Point has soul to burn. Even it’s moniker – pilfered from the cool-as-fuck 1971 counterculture classic – kicks ass. Something a mass-produced reinforced polymer pop-out can but dream of. This was a bike that I planned to grow old on so the love had to run deep. Five years on and I’m still smitten.”

Kevin Points /UK